50 x 70 cm 

Indigo Offset Digital print 

Cyclus Offset Recycled 100 gsm


Open edition


Gemma Penya collaborates with Penélope Archive to create a collage that delves into the historical representation of women's self-defence, exploring the complex relationship between empowerment and violence. Meticulously curated, the artwork navigates the ambiguity through a solid blend of archival materials. “Defensa propia” captures the complex interplay of strength and vulnerability, offering viewers a visual exploration that reflects on their intricate dynamics.

Gemma Penya (b. 1994), a visual researcher and creative director from Barcelona, delves into the realms of art and research with meticulous curiosity, shaping narratives through visual exploration. Specializing in archival work, Gemma decodes visual language, transforming observations into compelling stories that seamlessly blend research and artistic expression.