40 x 50 cm 

Indigo Offset Digital print

White ink, Silver Matt Paper 170 gsm 

Edition of 69 + 2 A/P + 2 G/P


Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist 

Julia Creuheras (b. 1995, Barcelona), creates kinetic artefacts that evoke uncanny relics, actively engaging with hidden forces within the ordinary. Her artistic exploration delves into Quantum Mechanics, positing that reality is composed of interwoven vibrating strings. Influenced by a certain pop culture's nostalgia, her body of work constitutes a symbolic expression of this intricate reality, shaped as an oneiric Quantum body. As she 'dérives' through the streets of her natal city, she envisions a large geared set, embodying repetitive movements in a hypnotic cadence. The invisible strings she perceives, representing forces of power, desire, and physicality, fuel the machinery of the city, reminiscent of “holy motors” and blurry city lights.

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