Image size 30 x 22,5 cm

Paper size 50 x 40 cm 

Indigo Offset Digital print

Gardapat 13 Klassica 200 gsm


Edition of 200 + 2 A/P + 3 G/P


"period." emerges as a pivotal work within a series of menstruation-themed photographs that unexpectedly garnered global attention in 2015. Captured by her sister Prabh, Kaur's self-portrait features her lying on a bed, with blood-like stains boldly challenging societal taboos around menstruation. Originally part of an educational project, the photograph became iconic when posted on Instagram, leading to a week-long battle against its removal and unintentionally propelling Kaur into the spotlight. The image's potency extends beyond defiance, transforming into a poetic catalyst that sparks conversations resonating through the realms of feminism, censorship, and the universal pursuit of normalizing the sacred essence of menstruation on a global scale.


All proceeds from the artist's side will be donated to Khalsa Aid, a humanitarian organization that provides support to people in need, irrespective of their faith or nationality. Their work spans across various crises, offering aid, education, and healthcare to communities around the world.

Rupi Kaur (b. 1992) is a visionary poet and artist originating from Punjab, India. Her compelling work delves into themes of love, trauma, and healing, resonating globally. Renowned for best-selling poetry collections like "Milk and Honey" and "The Sun and Her Flowers," Kaur captivates audiences with evocative expressions.

PRICE €200