70 x 50 cm 

Indigo Offset Digital print

Gardapat 13 Klassica 150 gsm


Edition of 300  

Curated by Nolly Babes and released in collaboration with Penélope Archive, "Pray...Pray" offers a glimpse into the soulful journey of the Nubia train. The frame is captured from Atteyat El-Abnoudy's 2002 film "The Nubian Train", illuminating the annual pilgrimage from Cairo to Aswan undertaken by Nuba residents on the eve of Eid Al-Adha. Over a 16-hour night trip, the artwork unveils a convergence of music and games, transforming the train into a dynamic space where Nubian traditions come alive.


60% of the proceeds from the sale will support Sistah Space, a UK non-profit organization specializing in addressing domestic abuse service gaps for African heritage women and girls. Providing expertise in supporting survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, Sistah Space focuses on the intersectionality of racism and gender-based violence.

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