50 x 70 cm
Indigo Offset Digital print
Gardapat 13 Klassica 150 gsm 
Edition of 99 + 2 A/P
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed


Sketches (2020-2024) is a compilation of 15 photographs, each annotated with its date and time, from Benshimol's ongoing series 'Sketches.' This series consists of over 365 daily photographs taken by the artist using her phone since 2020. Here, the daily undressing ritual becomes a performance documented through the 'sketches' traced by the artist's underwear casually left on the floor.

Isabella Benshimol Toro (1994) is a Caracas-born, London-based artist. Her work draws from the need to freeze in time actions, gestures and ephemeral sensations of everyday domestic life. Departing from photography, she reuses personal and intimate objects like used clothes and other domestic artifacts, giving them a new meaning and purpose through lustrous and transparent materials like epoxy resin and silicone, with which she creates sculptures and installations. Simulating the way photography chemically emulsifies an image on photosensitive film, in her practice, she captures and edits moments to create what she calls "monuments to the unconscious". Her intention is to provide space for critical reflection on notions of intimacy, domesticity, power, and value.